Youth Athletes In Motion

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The Youth Athletes In Motion program was created to help young athletes that need financial assistance as well as provide mentorships and connect more kids to sports. 

Growing up as athletes ourselves, we have experienced and understand all the hard work and struggles of being a student athlete. We believe playing sports is extremely beneficial to the youth and want to leave a positive impact on young athletes.

Why Are Sports Important

Physical Activity

Improves your health and reduces the risk of several diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Teaches Teamwork & Leadership

Working with a team to achieve a common goal helps develop problem solving and communication skills that will help both in real life and on the field.

Teaches Discipline

Playing sports requires athletes to be disciplined mentally and physically which translates off the field.

Helps Keep The Youth Out Of Trouble

By playing sports, youth tend to stay out of trouble and typically make better choices than their peers such as avoiding drugs and alcohol.

How We Plan To Help


We plan to support young athletes that need funding for sports equipment, athletic school fees, tuition, medical and basic life expenses.


With a team of former athletes with college and professional experience, we will be able to mentor young athletes to the right path with real life experience.

Education & Life Skills

We strive to teach young athletes a variety of life skills such as time management, money management, proper nutrition, how to handle stress and more.

Did You Know

  • Low income families are 4x more likely to decrease sports participation due to costs. [Source: Up2Us Sports]
  • Student athletes are 4x more likely to attend college. [Source: US Dept. of education]
  • Physically active kids have up to 40% higher test scores. [Source: The Aspen Institute Project Play]
  • Student athletes are 50% less absent then non student athletes. [Source: Up2Us Sports]
  • 60% of children who play sports have to pay a fee. Fees average around $401 per sport. [Source: Up2Us Sports]