Funding Mental Health Treatment

Providing Help For The Individuals That Are Suffering NOW
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Urban AZ Wants To Help Individuals That Are Suffering NOW As Research May Be Too Late

According to the American Psychological Association, about 75% of people who enter psychotherapy say they benefit from it, and research shows they’re better able to function in their day-to-day activities. The average cost of psychotherapy is $100 for a 1 hour session. Many individuals don’t have insurance to help cover the cost of treatment and while insurance may cover some of the cost of mental health treatment, a lot of mental health treatment providers are considered “out of network” which means insurance won’t cover the cost unless they are a “in network” treatment provider. Out of network treatment providers are known to be more available and there are more out there compared to in network treatment providers. 

Benefits Of Psychotherapy


Help overcoming harmful behaviors

Therapists help you identify negative thought patterns and destructive behaviors, then teach you strategies to avoid them. This is particularly beneficial to people who are struggling with self-harm, eating disorders, or suicidal thoughts.

Help Identifying triggers

Many times, your negative behaviors are set off by triggers, or external circumstances that provoke unpleasant emotions or feelings. In therapy, you’ll learn to notice when you’re triggered and create strategies for controlling your response.

Learn healthy coping mechanisms

When faced with stressful situations, you may react in a way that’s ineffective or even dangerous. Replacing those reactions with healthy, positive coping mechanisms can help you manage your emotions and stay productive.

Improve self-reliance

Psychotherapy helps you develop problem-solving skills, build your confidence, and become more self-aware. This encourages you to take personal responsibility for your actions and learn to manage your mental health issues, now and for the rest of your life. 

How Urban AZ Will Proceed Covering The Cost Of Mental Health Treatment For Individuals That Can’t Afford It

1.) Individuals seeking mental health treatment that can’t afford it will be able to fill out an application.

2.) Individuals will be selected and notified via email. We will then schedule a call to move forward.

3.) Each treatment program is completely individualized, with the goal of providing compassionate care through services structured to support the patient. We will help assist in helping find a therapist that is the right fit and that the provider is sensitive to all sexual orientations, gender identities and cultural values.

4.) After finding the right fit, Urban AZ will pay for their 1 months of therapy.